I live for happiness

As a UX/UI Designer, I realize how important a good functioning website is. That is why I live for the moments when users feel instantly welcome and happy visiting a website.

I try to put myself into position of the user as much as I can so that I can understand more of their way of thinking and experiencing, so that we can create an awesome website and experience together.

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Why Choose Me

Crazy Coder

I try to code as much as I can to keep up with all the new possibilities and trends. My HTML and CSS skills are quite good, but I still need to practice more on Javascript. But I am ready to learn.

Energy Bomb

I am full of energy and I always try to stay positive and calm so that my environment can pick up that same energy. That way I want to keep the workspirit on a high level and the energy flowing.

Great UX/UI Designer

I love seeing people happy when entering a well-designed website. I try to engage as much as I can with the users, so I can keep improving my UX and UI designs.

Research Nerd

Without research there is little chance to end up with a good webdesign. That is why I do a lot of research and user tests beforehand, to make sure that I am off to a good start with designing.

About Me

Nathalie van Berkom
Student, UX/UI Designer, front-end developer
I was born in Groningen and grew up in a small town. I grew up with a few cats (note: I am a crazy cat lady, in a good way) and I had a lot of space where I could be a child. When I turned 17 it was time for me to put college behind me and continue at The Hague University for Applied Sciences, for my bachelor program. I moved to The Hague and had to leave my cats behind, but in return I got a roommate!

I felt at home quite fast in the big city and I noticed that I became more structured in life. I was ready to take on challenges. Living in the big city helped me to come out of my shell and take a leap of faith when needed. I turned into a really social, hardworking and happy student that wants to keep developing her skills.

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Nathalie van Berkom