At April 25th, the Central Government asked students for their help. They were wondering how they could the central government more appealing to students. One of the brainstorm sessions was about creating "student hub's" in multiple cities in the Netherlands, sponsored by the Government itself, in the hope that (with these student hubs) they could be a bit more close to students. These hub's will also serve as a great place for students to study and work together on projects. The the central government will also provide these hubs with the latest tech features like computerscreens, beamers, drawingtablets and the more basic products like whiteboards, so that the students can proper collaborate and brainstorm.

This was a great opportunity to have a creative brainstorm session with some of the people from the central government and other students. We went on for about two hours, trying to sketch out an idea for the central government to continue working on after the brainstorm was finished.

At the end I could look back on a fun and successful day and I am proud that I could help the central government with making their brand more student-friendly by sharing my ideas together with others.

The (building)process of the student hub's is a quite slow process, because the central government is currently still working on finetuning all the ideas. But I hope that in two years the first hub is build. And hopefully it will be a place that attrackts and bring together a lot of students.